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south african cum trainer


Hi, I'm glad you found me. This is my very own personal web site and I do almost everything here myself. If you prefer a professional big budget site with airbrushed models posing and "acting" then you may want to try another porn site. However, if you'd like to be part of our cum loving community run by, a real amateur girl who actually answers all her own e-mail then you're in the right place. I've been shooting porn for 6 years now and everything I ever shot is available here on Cumtrainer - and I do mean ALL of my fucking, anal, ass-to-mouth, facial and most importantly cum swallowing videos & pics as well as my really wild bukkake stuff such as the 40 loads cum drinking video. You can't get this on DVD and you don't have to since I've already entered the HDTV age this year. All my new stuff will be downloadable in video sizes up to 1280 pixels wide. That's as big as any LCD or Plasma screen out there today. Everything else has remained true to my original idea, to share the most outrageous hard core cum adventures I've had with like-minded people. Check out my guest pages to see a small sample of what my members are currently downloading or watch my video message above if you haven't already. Let me know once you're inside south africa

I'll talk to you later in the members area!

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Red Lotus HD
Downstairs HD
Hoops HD
Commando HD
Cum straight up with a twist

The shot I enjoyed doing the most in this video was the one where I'm on my back getting throat-fucked and I have the guy's balls dangling over my eyes and squashing my nose. Fantastic boob shot too, once the camera starts moving to a wider angle. The reason I had my tongue out while he squirted into the glass was that I could taste the semen right away and was still able to do the whole "drinking from a glass" routine.


One thing that really annoys me when I watch porn myself is the way the camera often stays fixed in one spot. For example you get a 5 minute shot of a cocksucking close-up, then another 5 minute chunk of both persons filling the frame and so on. It just bores me. What I like is to be able to see the sucking action from lots of different angles plus frequent butt-shots, jiggling boobs, feet or high heels and so on. This is why I started to use mirrors now and then in my own clips. It's the closest you can get to a "split-screen" and ...

The Rubber Bukkake

You might have seen or heard about those japanese bukkake videos. One girl gets facialed by a group of men and sometimes the cum is collected in a bowl for a cum-drinking finale. What you certainly haven't seen is a Condom Bukkake where numerous freshly squirted-in rubbers are being used. Needless to say I drink all eleven loads of cum from a big glass after getting facialed. I almost puked halfway through drinking this glass full of semen because of the disgusting rubbery taste Guess that explains the weird facial expression at the end.

Revolver Ass-to-mouth

I really wanted to do another Ass-to-Mouth clip this weekend. The basic idea for this video was to do about 10 repetitions going from ass to mouth and back. Sounds easy enough, but it does get a lot more difficult if the guy fucking your butt is also operating a camera. I'm usually not much help since I just have to lie there and open my mouth at the right time LOL. For all you ATM enthusiasts I also wanted to add that I did the scene without an enema-cleanup before the shoot. This is as real as it gets.

Paperbag BJ

You guys always come up with new ideas to degrade and humiliate me. I did not want to do this video but they finally talked me into wearing a paper bag on my head anyway. I think I was supposed to be some kind of fully automated blowjob vending machine. Granted the idea was kind of funny but when I kept complaining about the bag my bf and one of our techies told me to stop whining since people were paying to see my videos for two reasons only, my tits and my "swallowing hole". Now that's not nice, is it?

The 40 Loads cum drinking video

This scene is easily the biggest achievement of my online porn career so far. Looking back on everything I've done over the years the one thing I'm most proud of is having drunk those 40 loads of cum. This video has been a popular topic on many adult message boards and continues to stir up controversy. I've even written articles about it and guides on how you can try this yourself at home without spoiling the experience. It's not the best looking video I've done but certainly the most talked about.

Cum drinking straw

Watch me get relentlessly tit-fucked and check out how I collect a nice pool of cum in my cleavage. I then suck the gooey load through a drinking straw and swallow it all. It's amazing how much more flavor you get out of semen if you do it this way. I suppose it mut be the air that gets mixed into the ejaculate once you start sucking and it makes that gurgling noise you get when you finish your Coke. It's like a flavor enhancer. I just love the taste of fresh cum. Not for beginners though, if you gag on precum, don't even think about it.

Devilish creampie

Get this. I'd never (ever) done a creampie movie before. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's when you do an internal pussy cum shot and - this is probably optional - eat the semen either directly out of the pussy or squirt it into a glass or something before someone drinks it. The action in the Devilish movie is not quite a creampie, but almost. Still working on my technique, hey, I'm new at this. But don't worry there is plenty of cum eating action and I've already shot two more of those creampie videos.

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Monster Load

Watch me lick a monstrous cum load off a piece of plexiglas. As I've mentioned many times before cold semen tastes pretty bad. A fresh warm load directly from the "tap" is much tastier. But since I do get paid for eating cum I can't really complain and usually go along with whatever weird cum eating variations the guys come up with. The basic idea didn't sound that interesting when I first heard it, but now I have to admit that "Monsterload" is one of my favorite clips ever. It just works. At least for me it does.

On the John

One day I said to my BF that I wanted to go back to University and he said, why? You've already dropped out once, you've got a good job now AND a career in porn. Why go through the hassle again? And I said, no I didn't intend to go back to study but to suck cock in the public restrooms again. You can imagine that he was totally ok with that idea. And since he of all people wasn't one of the men I'd already sucked off there during my time as a student we both felt like I owed him at least one public toilet blowjob anyway.

10 frozen loads cumdrinking

Putting the slurp back into Slurpee. This DIY video shows you how to collect, freeze and successfully thaw a large amount of cum for later consumption by your girlfriend or yourself. After an extensive and rather acrobatic fucking and cock sucking sequence you can watch me down a big glass (truth be told it was actually an Ikea flower vase) filled with 10 loads of gooey jizz. I even swallow an additional fresh cum load for good measure at the end. A true classic.


Some of my own clips really work for me because they're not polished but grainy and slutty in they way they're shot. This is one of those scenes. The colors in this motel room were atrocious but surprisingly matched the turquoise of my $5 acrylic baby-doll. The cum drinking from a bottle sequence came out much hotter than expected despite the bad lighting and the whole movie is now one of my personal favorites from this year's California road trip. Sometimes it seems that no trying too hard is what works best.

Ass-to-mouth & cum funnel

Before we shot this movie we had a long discussion about how we could do something "new" in the next shoot and we simply couldn't come up with any innovative weird cum-eating variation we hadn't already tried. So we simply decided on doing a more extreme scene that would incorporate lots of different stuff. What we ended up with was a great ATM movie with a cum-through-funnel finale and something else I have never tried before. You'll see what I mean right at the beginning of the clip.

Won Kok?

One day I got this sexy red Japanese dress from a friend and my first thought was, hey, this would make a nice costume for one of my video shoots. I just matched the outfit with a pair of black high-heels and put on a wonder-bra that might just have been a size too small for my boobs. Anyway, the effect was quite impressive and I looked like I had DD-cup implants. I insisted on shooting the fucking scene with my breasts angled right towards the camera and looking at it again today I must say that I was absolutely right. Nice hooters, lady!

Bikini biking and outdoors facial

Now that was a fun afternoon. Me riding my bike in that string bikini top and of course topless in front of all those families with little kids. No it wasn't that bad, but I made a number of male cyclists really happy I guess. Good thing when you're on a bike is that the getaway is a little easier. Sometimes I (we) get stalked during our outdoors extravaganzas. Nothing much you can do about that. Later on we were hiding out in the woods when I got my face covered in goo and I could gobble down the jizz undisturbed.

The cellar

I think this "kidnapped chick in the basement" setting, you know, with all the "Silence of the Lambs" kind of implications is really fun. Of course it's tongue-in-cheek and I'm not encouraging you to try this at home, at least not with strangers I mean. But I admit to having the occasional fantasy of being tied up and getting used and abused. It turned out to be a real turn-on in this particular case too. Just watching this footage again right now of me kneeling naked on the filthy concrete floor gets me all hot and bothered.

Cum pudding

When we stayed at my mom's house this summer she bought me one of those Nestle chocolate mousse desserts (with an orange center) and as I pulled open the lid I said to my BF, hey check this out, looks like something we could have done in one of our cum on food movies. So he suggested that we should "improve" the product with fresh semen and tape it. Later that day we bought a new one and I had a little picnic on the beach.

Cumtini shaken not stirred

Ok, here's what happens: A guy sprays a good-sized load of cum right on my pussy where it dribbles down over my pussy lips into a martini glass. I then wipe my clitoris and snatch clean with the edge of the cocktail glass and end up having a freshly shaken Cumtini. I down the whole thing in one big gulp. Any questions? If you want to try mixing this cocktail with your girlfriend remember that ice and lemons are optional.

Anal classic

Rretro porn from the archives. This is not the first anal scene I ever did, but if I remember correctly the second or third time I'd had a cock up my ass on camera. So I was almost an anal virgin at the time but not quite. By the way it's pretty easy to tell this is a "classic" movie from around 2000 to maybe 2001 not only by the blonde hair (wig) but also from the fact that my boobs seem to have grown quite a bit since then. Probably just weight gain. Maybe it's all the semen I've eaten over the years.

Slutty pussy

What I really, really like about this video is that you can still see the cum on my face (and the smudged lipstick) from the movie I shot minutes before we rolled camera on this one. I'm such a whore!!! I get my pussy eaten in this scene and therefore have a little time to catch my breath. Lots of nice fucking action and a beautiful cum shot finale at the end. I also strike a few poses on camera for all you butt, legs and tit lovers out there.

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Condom slurpee

This one's almost an instructional video. You can show it to your girlfriend in order to teach her how to put on a condom by just using her mouth. It's quite hard to do but a lot more fun than using your own hands. I personally hate condoms though and always suck the cum out of the rubber if some actually dared to ejaculate inside. No drop is wasted at Cumtrainer.

Four cum shooters

Nice deep-throating action going on in this one. Great leg- and butt shots too. In the last scene I get 4 big loads of cum poured directly into my mouth until it's filled to the brim. Just before it all drips out over my lower lip I down the creamy goo in one big gulp. There's also two versions (different perspectives) available from the swallowing finish. This movie is definitely one of my own personal favorites.

Hay there!

One boring Summer Sunday afternoon we were driving around looking for a nice lake to go skinny-dipping. When we couldn't locate the damn thing in the real world even though it was right there on the map. I asked my bf to pull over next to a cornfield. We got out and he face fucked and cock choked me for a good long while right there on the field before making me swallow. We never found the lake.

Titfuck spoon feeding

This is probably my favorite cum eating clip involving a spoon or to be more specific "spoon-feeding". I did a whole bunch of those over the years. It's turned out to be a very visually appealing scene, the tit fucking and the voluminous cleavage cum squirt both look really good. Truth is, I just love showing off my big (and still natural) boobs every chance I get. Yep, I admit that I'm pretty proud of my rather well proportioned tits.

Cum in mouth

Hehe, check me out as a blonde. Sometimes I dress up as "another girl" to keep things interesting. In this case I looked pretty hots a Goldielocks (without the locks). Anyway, here's the backstory: When sucking off a guy I usually don't swallow the cum right after he ejaculates. I keep it in my mouth instead and savor the taste. This also provides additional lubrication (to avoid overstimulation) while I keep sucking the last drops of man milk out of his balls.

In & Out

One thing I really enjoy is getting finger-fucked (or 69ed) while sucking on someone's dick. I'm also very much into upside-down blowjobs where I can see the guy's balls dangling in front of my eyes or have the balls cover my nose while deep throating the whole cock. Check out the movie and you'll see what I mean. Some very impressive boob shots in this one as well and the panties also nicely compliment my waistline and ass.

Bikini strip on the lake

The movie starts off with me on the boat taking off my bikini top. This was not a nude beach so the windsurfers and swimmers were quite pleased with my performance, judging from the looks I got. Later on we ended up in a changing booth where I received one of the most visually appealing oral cum shots in recorded (Cumtrainer) history. I literally had my eyes glued shut from all that semen. The sun does make you horny, I've got proof.

Five cum loads

I just added this high-quality version of this 5 loads cumeating/-drinking extravaganza to the archives. Of all the holiday specials this is the one that makes the others pale in comparison. Seriously. Don't you just love the DRAMA at the end where I'm having a hard time finishing what I started? I found out the hard way that as a professional cum slut you can't afford to have a weak stomach - No question about it, a true classic.

Hide and seek for adults

This is how I play hide and seek, the rules are simple: I close my eyes and you hide anywhere you want. The only thing you must do though, is leave your cock out in the open as a little visual "hint". Don't know what I mean? Then check out the movie. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the aerial shot of my butt and the high-heels while I'm kneeling at the foot of the bed. That is so cool, I love it!

Dirty ass to mouth

You probably know what Ass-to-Mouth is. It means alternating between anal and oral sex. Few girls are willing to do that without first sending their partners to clean up after anal. I on the other hand sometimes do "dirty" ATM, meaning I don't even take an enema before the action. Whatever comes out of my butt stays on the cock and goes right into my mouth. Just make sure you don't do Ass-to-Pussy, you'll risk catching an infection.

In the tub

No it's not blood. Don't worry, it's just strawberry colored bathwater. Why? Nobody knows. It does go nicely with my skimpy pinkish outfit though. In order not to miss anything we shot the facial and cum swallowing bits with two cameras. So basically it's two close up cumshots for the price of one click. How do you like me with the shorter hair? Don't worry, it's just a wig. Sometimes playing the innocent teenie slash cum slut is just what I need.

The public facial video

Of all the disgusting and perverted things I've done on video this was probably the most excruciating to pull off. Check out how I walk the city streets with a full facial (slowly drying and cracking on my skin) and wearing a sign that reads, "I've got cum on my face". You should have seen the looks on people's faces! I was terrified and so ashamed. I'm not sure if I'd have to guts to do something like that ever again.

Ass to mouth cleanup

I love doing Ass-to-Mouth. It means you get fucked up the ass and give blowjobs in between without cleaning up the penis. You just keep alternating between anal and oral sex. In this movie you get a nice close up shot of me orally cleaning up a cock after it comes out of my butt hole. Keep an eye on my tongue and you'll see what I mean. Recently I've kept getting so wet doing ATM without even touching myself it's ridiculous. Forget foreplay.

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Bar Fly

I'm the bar maid of your dreams. Don't believe me? Then check out this movie. I'll pour you a stiff drink, suck on your balls, deep throat your cock, have you fuck me bent over the barstool and then – if you want me to – I'll drink your cum out of a shot glass with a smile on my face. No need to leave a tip though. I just want you to cum by again sometime. That miniskirt and knee high stockings outfit was so hot and the tie between my tits is just perfect.


Nice dual-camera cum shot at the end of this movie. I like how I first get facialed (captured from 2 perspectives) before the actual swallowing bit. I think I managed not to waste any of the semen on my face - wiped all of it into my mouth, just like a good girl should. By the way, the video's title was taken from the Nintendo DS game. I'm a real sucker for those "simple" puzzlers and once I'm hooked, well... you're about to see what that looks like.

Semen a la carte

So what's the difference between cum-eating, cum-drinking and cum-swallowing? Here's what I think. Swallowing is when you take a load in your mouth and swallow. Cum drinking refers to larger quantities of cum in a bowl or glass. Cum-eating on the other hand means that there's either food or a plate or a spoon involved. Also, in general I'd say licking cum off any object (like the floor, a table or a saucer for example) always constitutes cum "eating". Any questions?

Froggy bikini

So, let's see, a pair of see-through stiletto heels, black knee-high stockings and a green string bikini. Where would I have shot that video? Exactly, at a skiing lodge somewhere in the Alps. Follow my logic? Me neither. Strangely enough I nevertheless think that those shots of me lying face down on the bed are quite sexy. The cameraman must have thought so too since he ended up fucking me from behind with his thumb up my ass.

Nature calls

This is basically a long outdoors fucking scene with a beautiful close-up cleavage cum shot at the end. Except for those pesky red ants with their acid piss and nosy neighbors peeking through the hedge, doing it on the lawn and is really fun. Guess it must be the burning sun on your skin that gets the juices flowing or maybe it's that constant feeling of being watched by someone that's such a big turn-on.

Semen siesta

If you've ever been to Mexico you know that after noon it's just too friggin' hot outside to do anything at all. So when regular people go take a nap in the shade I have some guy squirt cum on the coffee table of my hotel room and lick it all up. Why? Well, you got to re-hydrate somehow, right? The body needs all the fluid it can get in such a climate.

Tooth paste?

As you guys know I'm open for suggestions and requests. One day I get this weird E-mail from a fan asking me to brush my teeth with a load of semen. First I thought, gross! What a weirdo... But then, after being unable to get the image out of my head I just went ahead and did it. You wouldn't believe how foamy things got. Love it or hate it, at least it's original.

Sausage Pizza

Warning: Sausage Pizza is weird and also slightly disgusting. On the other hand if you ever wanted to see a busty chick like myself eat a semen-covered pizza with knife and fork, this is your chance to do so. My hair smelled like garlic for a week. I really should have asked for a raise that day... But then again, I'm my own boss so I guess it's my own fault if I keep doing those degrading movies. Jeez, you can talk me into doing almost anything.

1, 2, 3, swallow!

Yep it's me drinking semen out of shot glasses again. This one's interesting though since I seem to have a hard time keeping down the second load. The 3rd and last one goes down easy again. Guess I shouldn't have eaten as much as I did right before the shoot. Sperm can quite upset your stomach in larger quantities. Maybe it was just bad tasting spunk. It happens, now and then a particular load of cum can really taste like crap.

From ass to mouth and back

I know that many women stimulate their clitoris during anal sex to keep the level of arousal high. I'm not one of them. What makes anal sex perfect for me and keeps my juices flowing is when I'm allowed to suck dick during the ass fucking in regular intervals. I usually only use my hands and fingers to spread either my pussy lips or butt cheeks so that the guy gets a better view. If you're happy drilling my asshole THAT's the big turn on, masturbation doesn't do much for me.

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